Binna Burra Internet Exchange

Binna Burra Lodge was destroyed in bush fires during September 2019. There is a large band of supporters active in the rebuild program. Internet has always been a tad primitive in the bush and only a few years ago Telstra installed a fibre cable from the Beechmont Exchange right up to Binna Burra to support local landline phones and a small mobile phone tower. The rooms in the Lodge never had WiFi. Back to nature was the motto. With the rebuild program now underway it might be wise to consider to get a commercial grade Internet link from Telstra to connect the business systems of the Binna Burra Lodge, the Lamington Teahouse and the camping. In addition the guestrooms might be in line to have Internet and WiFi. It might also be a good idea to think about a site wide WiFi for the Lamington Teahouse and the camping. That's one of the possible plans. It is still to be seen if that will see the light of day :-)